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"At Creative Media Enterprises we strive to provide products that last, develop ideas that communicate, and deliver content to growing populations of the online community."

Sophia Goehner

Owner - Creative Media Enterprises

About Us

Creative Media Enterprises was created out of a desire to bring Innovative Design and Marketing services to Individuals and Small to Medium sized Businesses. As a New Media Marketing Agency, Creative Media Enterprises is able to take both simple and complex Ideas and create Affordable Design Solutions that offer strong New Media Market Value to your Business or Creative Project. We combine strong Design Concepts and Branding with Socially Mediated Marketing Strategies to create Powerful Digital Structures that help your business gain the Recognition it deserves.


At Creative Media Enterprises we believe in the potential of Design and Technology to transform the current Political, Social and Economic landscape. Our wish is to be involved with Equitable for-profit Ventures, not-for profit Organizations and Extraordinary Startups which are based on Creative and Mutually-Benefitting-Business-Relationships. Within the context of the Technocratic -Transformation that is currently occurring globally, Creative Media Enterprises, strives to work with Sustainable, Innovative and Progressive Financial and Entrepreneurial models to allow for Sustainable and Innovative Economic Growth.

Core Team

Sophia, Owner

Project Manager & Design Lead

Sophia is the Sole Proprietor of Creative Media Enterprises. She identifies as a Socially Minded, Design and Creative Media Specialist, despite holding a 5 Year Professional Degree in Architecture from Cornell University. Strongly dedicated to a Multidisciplinary and Collaborative approach to her work, Sophia has accrued work experience in Web Design, Web Development, Marketing, Brand Management, Audio / Video Production and, of course, Architecture. At Creative Media Enterprises Sophia assembles talented Teams of Independent Contractors to develop unique Solutions to client needs, while mostly handling Strategy, Client Relations and Project Management. More hands on roles include Branding / Identity, 2D and 3D Design as well as Front-End Development. Sophia's interests lie primarily in DIY Making, Holography and Augmented Reality, Urban Agriculture, Crypto and Community Currencies and Comparative Cultural Studies. Take a peak at some of her personal projects at


Web Technology & Solutions Lead

Adam is an autodidact by nature, despite dual degrees in Neursocience and Computer Science from UCSB. A Scientist, a Builder, a Thinker, and a Doer, Adam’s passion lies in the interplay between Vision and Execution; the translation between Dreams and Reality. In 2010 Adam opened a Think-Tank called Dreamers, Inc. which takes on unique contracts and approaches them with Technical Problem-Solving, and R&D Consultancy. In addition to consumer / enterprise web and mobile applications, Adam has a specific preference towards the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Augmented Reality, Distributed Networking (blockchain), Space and Robotics. At Creative Media Enterprises Adam assists in Client Relations and Managing the Technical Process for our Client Web Apps. Adam's strength in quickly solving the Technical Complexities of our client projects with utmost Efficiency and Unprecedented Innovation, makes him a lead asset to the Company.

Custom Audioscapes

Creative Media Enterprises offers
custom audio, audio documentary and podcast creation.

Adieu / Custom Classical Composition / 2016

Racism Exists / Audio Documentary / 2008

Gentle Waves / Custom Composition / 2016

High Rise / Custom Composition / 2016

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